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Choosing the perfect diamond can be a difficult process. It's important to be completely informed of all diamond options so you can choose what's best for you.

Lab created diamonds are a new option that many shoppers are considering. Nearly indistinguishable from natural diamonds, these gems are cut, polished, and graded by the same world-renowned labs that certify natural diamonds.

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What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Consumers often confuse lab-grown diamonds with diamond simulants, such as Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. These may look like diamonds, but are actually made from different materials. 

However, lab-grown diamonds have the same crystal structure and chemical composition as natural diamonds. When put next to each other, the look and sparkle is one in the same. 

The true difference is in the creation process. Lab-grown diamonds are created using technology that mimics the Earth's natural growing process in a controlled environment.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds, only man-made.

A Reputation for Excellence

With 80+ years of trust and reputation in providing exceptional customer service and jewelry, our customer testimonials speak for themselves. View our 150+ testimonials on Wedding Wire, or schedule your appointment to experience the Mervis difference first-hand!

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Right For You?

Why Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Value The cost is oftentimes the most enticing reason for purchasing lab-grown diamonds. As the technology for lab created diamonds has evolved, the price to consumers has become very attractive. With man-made diamonds, you can get a diamond about 30% larger for the same price as a natural diamonds.

Environmental Sustainability Lab-grown diamonds have minimal environmental impact and are an extremely sustainable diamond. 

Conflict Free Every diamond at Mervis is certified as Conflict Free, whether it's lab-grown or natural. We're dedicated to an ethical and sustainable supply chain, and lab-grown diamonds help us further this mission.

Quality Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Oftentimes, they are even created with fewer impurities than natural diamonds due to their controlled environment.

Man-made diamonds aren't for everyone. We understand.

At Mervis Diamond Importers, all of our Diamond Consultants are trained by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). They really know what they're talking about and they have only one interest: you

Our goal is to help you decide what's important to you, keeping every factor in mind when making a decision.

Book an appointment to compare lab-grown and natural diamonds side by side. Our diamond experts will help you find the diamond of your dreams!


"Mervis Diamond sets the bar for retail jewelry experience! I say this because compared to the 12 other jewelry stores I visited, none of them provided the selection, professionalism, education and quality of service that I received from Mervis."

- Caleb

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"Looking for the small town feel & trust in a big city? This is the place. I went there to get my fiancee’s engagement ring designed & raved about how helpful they were from concept to completing the finished product. "

- Philip

"Wonderful Tacori selection & a wide variety of diamonds to select your stone from. Service is amazing & customers are treated with great care & professionalism. I’m extremely pleased with the ring that I bought from here."

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Financing your jewelry purchase is easy at Mervis. We offer competitive financing through Synchrony Bank or Iddeal, and the application process only takes about 5 minutes, in-store only. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our jewelry consultants in store to complete the process.

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Multiple Payment Options

We offer fixed and deferred payment options for all borrowers.


 Frequently Asked Financing Questions

If you’re interested in purchasing a diamond, we welcome you to come in and speak with our certified Diamond Consultants. They can guide you through a variety of payment options to find the one that best matches your needs!

Can I still apply with bad credit?

If your purchase is eligible for a return, a refund will be issued to the original form of payment. All returns must meet our return policy.

What happens to my loan if I return my order?

No. Your payments will process through the financing lender under the specified terms upon which you agreed.

Do I have to pay in full before my item is shipped?

If your loan is approved to cover the entire purchase amount, you will not be required to place a down payment. However, if your loan only covers a portion of your total purchase, you will be required to pay the balance in full.

Is a downpayment required?

All terms and conditions vary on a loan by loan basis. Make an appointment with a consultant for more details.

What are the terms & conditions?

Two forms of ID. A valid driver's license and a credit or bank card work well.

Our diamond trade up program allows for seamless upgrades whenever you want something bigger or better

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